Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Illusionary Joururi (4)


[0:13] (Marisa) Wait, so it’s possessed?
With the sword, I guess it makes sense…
-Reimu leaves-
[0:26] (Benben) Which opponent should I battle?
Wait, one just left…
[0:33] (Sakuya) It looks like Reimu has left…
(Marisa) Well I guess it’s for the best
[0:45] So, straight-lines is mine
(Sakuya) Will I guess this one is fine
[1:30] (Benben) What the heck is up with these two humans?
(Yatsuhashi) If you ask me, it’s probably just a problem with your plain music
[1:36] (Benben) As if you are any better!
(Yatsuhashi) Well it’s been a dream of mine to fight and win against a human
-Sakuya leaves-
[1:43] (Marisa) Hey, if you are done with the manzai
I’m just gonna go straight ahead, okay?
(Yatsuhashi) Ah, it looks like that maid got away
[2:27] (Benben) It looks like you’re fighting alone
(Marisa) Well it’s not like I need help…
(Yatsuhashi) Don’t look down on us!
I guess you will see for yourself
[2:31] (Marisa) Well I guess that proves that something’s off here
Hey, by the way… didn’tcha say something about a world upheaval?
Did that screw with my Hakkero?
Can ya tell me more about this? Anything else that you two know?
[3:37] (Yatsuhashi) Well, even the docile Youkai
Are getting more powerful today
From the inverted castle, they say
[4:20] (Reimu) Hey Sayuka… Wait, first, no sword
Don’t tell me Marisa’s bored
(Sakuya) Well, I cannot say. I surmised the source was this way
[4:44] (Reimu) So you feel it. There is no doubt
It’s Yukari!
-Marisa enters-
[5:17] (Marisa) Hey you guys, I see you found it okay
But don’t tell me that you were both waiting for me so patiently here
(Reimu) No, of course not, but you know that
Yukari would put a surprise right in front of this place
[5:29] (Marisa) Are you really sure that it’s her?
[5:31] (Reimu) Of course it’s her. Take a look around!
Who would flip a castle upside down!

Magical Storm (4)


-Sakuya attacks-
[0:37] (Marisa) Hey, wait, time out! What’s this about?!
Hey, listen to me!
-Reimu blocks-
[0:57] Nice save. So then, Reimu. When did you learn swordsmanship?
(Reimu) That wasn’t me…
[1:11] Sakuya, stop. Or are you planning to get hurt? Seriously…
-Girls are fighting-
[1:48] (Marisa) Alright, that’s it! Mini-Hakkero!
If you two are done, I found something
[2:00] There’s a Youkai saying it’s revolution time
Something about using the weaklings
[2:11] (Reimu) Where did you hear that from?- Wait, I’m busy now
Yukari’s lampshades caused a mess
(Marisa) Wait a sec… Hey, are you okay Sakuya?
Not again! Hey, give it a rest!
-Girls are fighting-
[3:02] (Marisa) Alright, that’s it! No sword for you!
Knock it away, Reimu!
[3:23] (Sakuya) Ah, I see. So it’s the sword that was being bloodthirsty
That’s quite bizarre
[3:35] (Marisa) By the way, has anyone else noticed the storm where we are?
-Benben and Yatsuhashi enter-
[4:11] (Benben) I spy humans ready for a fight
Tell me, which will be my opponent?
(Yatsuhashi) Wait a second, you know I saw them all first
I should get first pick, that’s common sense!
[4:35] (Benben) Anyway you slice it, your boring music
Cannot match their Tsukomogami
(Marisa) Wait a second, who says that we’re tool users?
(Reimu) It’s your Hakkero, obviously!

Lonesome Werewolf (3)


[0:19] (Reimu) Just let me guess, you’re also planning to lose?
Just like the Youkai today
(Kagerou) It’s not like that, we’re just all so happy
(Reimu) Well, you’re still blocking my way!
-Marisa returns-
[0:49] Hey Marisa, I have a big question for you
Do you know where the hell is Yukari?
(Marisa) I can’t say that I know, but I could tag along
(Kagerou) Wait up! You were fighting me!
-Kagerou defeated-
[1:09] (Reimu) I don’t have time to indulge whatever it is you
Are all planning by being so rowdy
(Marisa) I didn’t know that you were learning all new special attacks
But hey, your Gohei is glowy…
[1:52] (Reimu) You know what? I hadn’t noticed at all
I bet it’s Yukari’s fault!
(Marisa) Or maybe it’s challenging Hakkero?
A tool duel! Winner take all!
-Sakuya enters-
[2:20] (Kagerou) Hey, do you two happen to know this Knife-wielding maid?
If you both do, please, can you talk her down?
(Sakuya) Well, that is quite strange. What am I doing bullying Youkai?
Well I suppose you should leave now
-Kagerou leaves-
[2:43] (Reimu) Just forget it. This won’t help me track down Yukari
… Marisa, your hat is on fire now
(Marisa) It just keeps doing that because Hakkero’s being bad
This is the third time I’ve put it out
[3:25] Hey, by the way, aren’t you acting weird?
You’re normally more laid back
And Sakuya, you’re just staring at us
It looks like you might attack…

Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon (3)


[0:14] (Marisa) I’m on fire!
Hakkero, better cut it out right now
Or I might just toss ya in the lake
(Kagerou) So I see that you’ve come to challenge me
Well I warn you it won’t be easy
[1:30] (Marisa) Well, that’s that. Finally put out my hat
So, where were we then?
(Kagerou) So you didn’t listen?!
[2:35] (Marisa) Usually, I’d be up for some quick fun
But today I’ve got to run, you see
I’ll cook ya, since you’re just a half beast then
… Wait a sec, that’s really weird for me
I don’t eat Youkai meat
-Marisa leaves-
[3:50] (Kagerou) Never mind, I’ll just attack someone else
All this fire’s fluffing up my fur
(Reimu) Here’s a new challenger!